Wooden Spoon Puppets kit

Age 4+

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Wooden Spoon Puppets 

Discover a new world to story telling, with our new exciting Wooden Spoon Puppet Kits. Invent  your very own story book character or pick one of your favourite novels and get creative by bringing your character to life using our wooden spoons and accessories.

Kit Includes: 

1x Wooden spoon

4 x Pipe cleaners*

4x Pieces of coloured felt*

3x Googly eyes

2x Colouring Pages

4x Pompoms*

*Colours may vary.

Online instructions

Build time: 45 minutes

  • Skills: Creativity, Imagination, Design, Fine Motor Skills

  • Concepts: To Develop and exercise imagination through Art, Design and Story Telling

  • Documentation: Online interactive build instructions

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Dimensions 210 × 180 × 20 mm