Mars Rover Kit

Age: 9+

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Mars Rover Kit 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit mars? Well now is your chance to discover more about Mars, build and program your own MARS Rover and control an online MARS Rover.  With this one of a kind Mars Rover kit you will have access to build instructions and along with programming examples with various challenges.

This kit will be expandable in the future with the addition of our sensor kit.

Age: 9+

Kit Content:28 piece Mars Rover Kit

2x Allen Keys

1x 7mm Spanner

1x USB Drive (Pre Installed Arduino and example program) and 2m USB cable

Note. A PC is required running Windows 7 as a minimum.

Online Instructions, worksheets and programming examples

Age : 9+

Build time: 30 minutes

Activity duration: 2 hour

  • Skills: Mechanics and Programming.

  • Concepts:
  • Documentation: Online build instructions, activity worksheets and programming guide.