Balloon Cress Kit

Age 5+

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Balloon Cress Kit 

Everything your child needs to create their own Cress Balloon Model ! Enjoy planting your cress seeds and watching them grow.

Your children will have the opportunity to use fine motor skills whilst learning how to grow and look after their own plant, as well as finishing off with being able to eat the cress, in a tasty sandwich.

This kit includes:

1 x Balloon Basket

1x Cotton wool ball

1x Bag of cress seeds

2x Balloons (colours may vary)

Online instructions

Build time: 15 minutes

Activity duration: 1 Week

  • Skills: Fine Motor skills, Growing plants, Art

  • Concepts: To develop an understanding of how to grow food.

  • Documentation: Online  instructions.

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Dimensions 210 × 180 × 20 mm

Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Orange