Mega Bot Base Kit

3D model


Fully programmable and wireless controlled robot base kit

Picture for Illustration purposes only (no electronics included within this kit)

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Meet “MEGA Bot” one of V-STEM’s customisable educational robots. 4 Wheel Drive Tracked system which is Programmable and wireless control using the BBC Micro:bit open source hardware embedded system. This kit is for those who already own a Micro:Bit.

The kit comes with :

Online interactive build instructions

Online program examples

1 x Left Track Assembly

1 x Right Track Assembly

1 x Battery Holder (Batteries not included)

1 x Base Assembly parts

2 x Y Cable

Age : 9+

Build time: up to 20 mins

  • Skills: Mechanics, Fine motor skills, Electronics
  • Concepts: To Develop a greater understanding mechanic’ and electronics
  • Documentation: Online build instructions

Note – You will need to purchase a Micro:Bit and Servo board separately.