Welcome to your Robot Birthday party, we have included all the build instructions and how to control your robot on this web page.

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jasper

And welcome : Charlie, Harry, Krish, Rubin, Ferdy, Zebby, Ezra, Mollie and Ettie

Birthday Party Plan Ideas

  1. Robot Kit Hand Out – This will include robot toolkit (7mm Spanner and 3mm Allen Key)
  2. Transmitter Hand Out – Tell the children all Robots and Transmitters are to be kept switched off unless told to “POWER UP”.
  3. Get the children to pick a robot name.
  4. Control and Power Demonstration.
  5. Ball Controller Hand Out and Fitment.
  6. Practice Driving Session on a Setup Track (5 minutes) – At the end of the 5 minutes say “POWER OFF” all of children should switch the Transmitter and Robot off.
  7. Robot Football – 5 vs 5 using a tennis ball. 4 minutes each way then swap sides. (10 minutes).
  9. Robot Tug of War – 1 vs 1, Tie a piece of string between each robot, mark a line on the floor, make sure the robots are set to equal distances with the string not to tight. On the word “GO” the first robot that is pulled over the line is the looser. We normally set a 2 minute time period. (15-20 mins)
  10. PIT STOP
  11. Robot Customising – The robots will come with Card templates which the children can colour in and cut out any shape they want and add it to the robot (i.e Wedge, Wings, Eyes), we recommend using a hole punch to make the holes in the card and use the spare nuts and bolts to mount the extra parts the children design, we also use this as a small competition and give out a prize for “Most Colourful”, “Biggest”, “Best Design Idea” etc. (10 – 20 mins)
  12. PIT STOP
  13. 10 minutes Break
  14. Robot Racing -All the robots start at the same position, you can do this either on a home made track or in along straight line. (10 mins) – we normally run 2 or 3 races.
  15. PIT STOP
  16. Wedge Handout.
  17. Robots Sumo – Swap over the ball controller with the Wedge. This can be 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. Make an outline on the floor of any shape, all robots start in the middle, when the robot has been pushed fully over the line then the robot is out, if no robot is over the line then it is as a draw, 3 minutes per round (15 – 20 mins).
  18. PIT STOP
  19. Royal Rumble – All the robots in a marked area, if any robot gets pushed over the line then they are out, winner is the last robot standing. – no time limit.
  20. Prize giving/rewards
  21. Robot pack up time.


We recommend that the children check all the nuts and bolts at the end each activity to check nothing has come loose – “PIT STOP”

It’s all for fun and everyone is a winner – sometimes it can get competitive. We normally give out extra points or prizes for good sportsmanship and Team Work.

Additional Items you may need :

Stop Watch

Tape – Mark out Areas

String – Tug of War

Pen and Paper to keep a list of the winners

Felt Tip Pens, Scissors and hole punch – used for the robot customisation.

Tennis Ball – used for Robot Football


  1. Always keep items and body parts away from the wheels – ROTARY MOVEMENT WARNING .
  2. Please use the battery pack provided – 4 x AA Batteries are required for the Robot and Transmitter.
  3. Please do not attempt to keep using a faulty robot.
  4. Please do not store or use your Robot in extremely hot or cold environments.
  5. Do not place any metal objects across the printed circuits on the board as this can cause a short circuit damaging your Robot, This can cause risk of burn or fire.
  6. Do not use your Robot in water or with wet hands.
  7. Do not leave your robot powered unsupervised.
  8. Please do not leave your robot within reach of children under 8 years of age.
  9. Flysky Transmitter user manual can be found here


  • Do not try to charge normal (non-rechargeable) batteries
  • Please do not mix different types of batteries or mix new and used batteries
  • Please use batteries of the same or equivalent type as those recommended
  • Please insert batteries the correct way round (with the correct polarity)
  • Please remove spent batteries from the battery holder
  • Do not short-circuit the battery supply terminals, for example by placing a metal object across the terminals
  • Only use Zinc or Alkaline batteries with your Robot
  • Please do not use rechargeable batteries



Extra add-ons can be purchased here :



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